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Singaporean food can be divided into five types: meat, seafood, rice, noodles, dessert and snacks. Singapore is especially renowned for its seafood. Chili crab and black pepper crab are two quintessential dishes that dominate the scene and are greatly recommended to tourists. Another favourite is sambal stingray. In the meat category, Hainanese chicken rice is the most popular dish.

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quote The setting is comfortable and welcoming with a smile. Maybe my experience eating the rice in the Chicken Rice style in Singapore differed from the type of rice in their chicken rice. Still, their chicken (picture) was delicious, and the skin was just right. So that is a good four stars. The Sweet and Sour chicken (photo) is enjoyable; served fried rice earns four stars. It’s an excellent eatery to explore the rest of the menu when we return to Perth again. Keep up the good cooking. Total 4.9 Stars.

Yunda Outstation - in the last week

quote Had lovely meal chicken cashews n veges. Also entree prawn bun yum. Call again.

LUCY MONK - 3 months ago

quote We ordered 2 portions of fish ball noodles on 6 July 2022 when my friend brought me over to try this shop at Hazelwood park. As my friend is a fishball noodle mover, we top up our portion to more fishballs. After eating it, it's indeed as close as you can find in Singapore. Owners are a couple from Singapore and according to my friend, this is the most authentic Singaporean style dishes you can find in South Australia. They sells various dishes such as char kway teow, Hor fun, Mee goreng, clay pot mui fun etc. A sure place for people who like Singaporean style food to visit and enjou the dishes!

Ben Sia - a week ago