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Asia, being the largest and most populous continent, is home to many cultures, many of which have their own characteristic cuisine. While rice is common to most Asian cuisines, different varieties are popular in the various regions. Glutinous rice is ingrained in the culture, religious tradition and national identity of Laos. Basmati rice is popular in the Indian subcontinent, jasmine rice is often found across Southeast Asia, while long-grain rice is popular in China and short-grain in Japan and Korea. Curry is a common dish in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Curry dishes have their origins in the Indian subcontinent, with present-day Northern India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan mainly using a yogurt base, while those in present-day Southern India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia generally use coconut milk as their foundation.

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Combination Fried Rice
Curry Puff
Dim Sim

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quote Love coming here for a warm hearty combination soup. I always get the rice noodles as I'm gluten free and I have never had a reaction. So tasty and hot you need to let it cool. Fills me up it's a really good meal. Service is quick and friendly and the order is always ready when they say it will be.

Roslyn Espinos - 5 months ago

quote Very nice food and quick service. Loved the food on both occasions. Nice place to have a Chinese meal.

Ankur Passi - 4 months ago

quote Mi Xiang never disappoints~ The new lotus root soup is really delicious. The lotus root does not smell like the refrigerator, but tastes like my mother cooked it. The double pepper fish must be served with rice noodles yyds! The new stinky tofu is also very good👍 You can try it. The new store is right on the seaside. After eating, you can take the children for a walk in the seaside playground to eat. If you love spicy! Take it and enjoy it with great sea view.

Ann wu - 8 months ago
Zhaoqi Yuan - in the last week