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Who is TuckerFox AU?

TuckerFox AU is an easy, secure and simple way to choose and order food online. Best of all, it's FREE! You can select from all of your favourite restaurants for either delivery or pickup. By using TuckerFox AU online, you remove the hassle and time associated with ordering traditional takeaway. In simple terms: no more searching high and low for menus, making costly phone calls or driving in the rain to pick up your food - not to mention the cold meal awaiting you when you arrive home!

How does TuckerFox AU work?

Okay lets walk through the steps of ordering food online with TuckerFox AU:

1) Go to & search your local restaurants
2) Choose your favourite restaurant and select your meal items
3) Choose your delivery option and payment method
4) Review & submit your meal order
5) Enjoy your food!

Brilliant, so how does the restaurant actually receive my order?

TuckerFox AU digitally sends your order to the restaurant instantly. We then contact the restaurant to obtain verification that your order has been received. If there happens to be a problem, you will be notified by the restaurant. TuckerFox AU will ensure you receive the highest priority to ensure you will not be disappointed.

So what can TuckerFox AU offer me?

Ordering food online through TuckerFox AU we can offer you:

1) Convenience: we eliminate hard copy menus and busy signals when calling restaurants, you can order online, hassle free.

2) Knowledge and a community: read reviews before you order and express your opinion via a review after your meal.

3) Specials: access to a variety of specials and promotions that are only offered at

4) Speed: Using our favourites option, you can re-order your meal as much as you like, whenever you like.

Okay Let's Start Eating?

Fantastic, lets get started. First you need to search for your favourite restaurants in your area. From there, follow your nose. You will be pleasantly surprised. We appreciate any feedback for meals you eat, restaurants you encounter and the performance of this website.

Happy eating!