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quote Had lunch buffet ( All you can eat) Tuesday to Sunday. $19.90/person. Plenty of option in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian categories. Along with curries, you will have two types of rice( yellow and white), nan, samosa, and papdum. You can also order from menu if you are after specific curry or food for extra cost. Taste is good. Staff is very friendly. Highly recommend for lunch if you are in town.

Biryani Junction - 210 Dana St

Nikunj Patel - 8 months ago

quote Located near Sovereign Hill, this is the best Fish n Chip we had for a long time. Friendly staff over the counter. Ordered a family pack and a large BBQ pizza. The butter fish is fresh, batter is cooked to prefection. The fries are crunchy. Pizza is awesome. Definitely recommended!

Block 7 Fish Chips Pizza - 517 Main Rd

Kenneth Haw - 4 weeks ago

quote Stopped here to grab a lunch special one day last week, $12.80 can’t go wrong, I didn’t read reviews untill I was sitting down waiting for my order and I started to panic because they are terrible however we got 2 sweet and sour chicken and fried rice and a honey chicken and I can’t fault them, they were tasty and fresh, the chicken was beautiful it was actual chicken breast and one of the better Chinese take aways I’ve had in the area, I’ll definitely be back. Try it for yourself instead of being scared away by reviews

Noble Dragon Chinese Restaurant - 739 Sturt St

Bekka B - a month ago

quote Visiting relatives in Buninyong atm and we had takeaway pizzas from Red Door Pizza last night. They were absolutely DELICIOUS! Perfect chewiness and saltiness in the crust, and the Garlic Prawns Pizza and the Pumpkin and Beet Pizza came out on top. Highly recommended. Edit: I loved it so much that we went there for dinner last night, and ordered the Garlic Pizza, Garlic Prawns Pizza again, the Inferno (very yum) and Mushroom Pizza. YUMMO!

Red Door Pizza - 401 Warrenheip St

Jessica L - a month ago

quote Nothing pretty about these pics but lots of deliciousness in the experience of eating. First pic “eggplant and potato masala” and it was so so so buttery (ok, technically ghee-ey) OMG incredible. Second pic “naga chicken” featuring the tiniest hint of naga chilli - and it nearly blew my head off. Couldn’t finish it but absolutely loved it. It’s a Sri Lankan style curry, and the Naga racks up 800,000-1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, comparable in heat to its more famous cousins the Carolina Reaper and the Ghost Pepper.

Tandoor Indian Cuisine - 107 Bridge Mall

Tobias Horrocks - a month ago

quote Has great kebabs and there hsp is really great

Bills Kebabs - 1223C Howitt Street

Lauralee Hughan - 4 months ago