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Insane levels of amazing. My local and favourite fish and chips shop hands down. Fast, efficient, hard working and most of all delicious.

Bellissimo Fish & Chips - 35 Southwell Cres

Adam C (Adkeco) - a month ago

First time here but not too impressed with the dim sum and dishes especially the hokkien mee in which barbecued pork(this is a No No)was used when it should have been fresh pork, fried with the noodles. The fried rice was rather bland. Well, perhaps we did not order the right dishes properly🤔

Chins Noodle House - 51 Farrington Rd

Christepher Denis - a month ago

Very nice good . I will order again

Chop Chop Thai - 318 Yangebup Rd

Pranee Raymond - 8 months ago

Our favourite Chinese restaurant. My family and I love visiting for dinner. Always leave with full bellies but don’t feel sick from the food. Highly recommend.

Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant - 280 Bannister Rd

Annika L - a year ago

Quality to price far superior than anywhere i can think in last few years. Closes and relocates soon. Hopefully they keep their existing way to be. Time will tell

Happy Union Restaurant - 101 Forest Lakes Dr

Aussie Lad - 2 months ago

Good food (2018) 4 star Old chef back again! Menu is huge, however most food seem to come out in time. Had the Bak kut the Salted chicken And all taste amazing! Definitely going to be a regular once again. Keep up the good work guys

Lepak Kopitiam - 22 Parry Ave

Niroshan Dep - a year ago