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quote Very tasty combination Pho, will be back to taste more

Thanh An - D1/34 Koondoola Ave

Garnet Griffiths - 3 weeks ago

quote We have been eating here for a few years and the food has been consistently good. I can't fault any dishes. The flavours are incredible and it's so fresh.

Cha-Da Thai - 6 Blackwattle Parade

R W - 3 weeks ago

quote very limited options on the menu at their app “Foodmart”. Keep needing to call them to accept the order put through the app. Don’t know why they have app if we have to call and remind them to accept it everytime when they never checking on it. Also can’t retrieve the app credit points once you place order that wasn’t accepted. After one hr of back and forth for the restaurant to accept the order just gave up on ordering. Hunger just went away. Very poor customer service

Chu Sing Chinese Restaurant - 4/36 Cedric St

Alina Shrestha - 2 months ago

quote Had for the first time last week went back last night for some chicken mi goreng noodle box, was great the first time although last night I’ve captured food poisoning and believe it was from this place. Beware, I haven’t been in this much pain in a long time and will not return.

Express Wok - 36 Gwendoline Dr

Nathan Williams - 2 weeks ago

quote This was our first dining experience HERE as a family of four. There was definitely traffic of orders going out and people coming in for collection, this gave us confidence that the food is good. We were given prawn chips as we sat down. We ordered the family of 4 pack (10 dishes). It was a bit of a wait, as expected. Our first dish were spring rolls, delicious. Our dishes #2-7 came awhile after. Our least fav dish from our menu was the combination fried rice. It tasted like it was warmed up from yesterday. The rest was yum! By then, we couldn't wait any longer for the last 2 dishes as we were full. My husband checked to ask if it was coming, and they forgot, which was sorted quickly. We asked if we could have it packed & bagged to take home. We came away with plenty of leftovers for next day lunches. I recommend ordering online via their app or call in to order and pick up. Food was good, eating in at peak hour..not so good! Con: - Waiting time at peak hr wasn't fun. - Having the news blasted outloud on projector was disturbing during dinner. Especially watching the bombing and war abroad while trying to connect and have a conversation with the fam.

Foo Hua - 9 Conlan Ave

Kuini Fep - 2 months ago

quote We live locally and have been ordering regularly order from Kim Hee for years. Our favorite is Mongolian Lamb and Sweet and sour pork ,. They give the sweet and sour sauce separate so the pork is still nice and crispy. Well priced and great food always. Sometimes so have to wait longer to pick orders but thats ok, its worth it.

Kim Hee - 10 Chesapeake Way

Reena Patel - 2 months ago