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Pizza and pasta dishes such as spaghetti bolognese and lasagne with bolognese ragu and bechamel sauce are the most popular forms of Italian food in British, notably, English, cuisine.

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quote Experience the magic of Bala’s culinary expertise! ❤️ Indulge in the authentic flavors of southern Indian cuisine, served with a warm smile by Bala himself. Our menu boasts a delightful array of dishes, including the irresistible chicken chettinad curry, fluffy plain utthapam, flaky malabar paratha, mouthwatering fish fry, and the perfect finish with our aromatic filter coffee. 😋 Must visit and discover why this might just be the best food joint in Hamilton yet!

Balas Kitchen - 180 Peachgrove Rd

Niraj N.T. - 4 months ago

quote We had breakfast and dinner here lots of food options, when we were here for breakfast it was quite hectic, and roti canai station forgot our order, as they didn't have a proper system and didn't ask for table number, they really need to improve this. Dinner time there were several vendors and we enjoyed the nasi lemak here as well as pulut mangga, daging bakar Danok from qunyahx2 Station, night time service was good the owner and staff was friendly and there was live music.

Cafe Nasi Lemak Puteri - 22-1 Jln Elektron U16/H

Nik Nizam - a year ago

Chicken Corner - 64 Stoddard Rd


quote I ordered a chicken wrap with veggies and yogurt dressing for my husband last week. The wrap had lots of veggies, a tiny amount of chicken, and NO dressing. My husband said: Oh well... veggies are expensive these days and are healthy. Fair enough. However, I didn't order a veggie wrap but a chicken wrap. That's why the average review rating.

Fredas Roast & BBQ - 175 Millwater Pkwy

Roula Georgiou - 10 months ago

quote It's really delicious. I like the seafood packs because they are composed of various ingredients, so it's good to taste different types of sushi👍

Kebab Salateen - Te-Awa - 946 Te Rapa Rd

이은지 - a month ago

quote The meal prices were pretty good, especially compared to other places. My hot chocolate was very watery and extremely hot, but that would just depend on the barista. That staff were really nice! Overall, it was quite a nice place to have lunch!

Mozaik Cafe (The Base) - Maahanga Dr

Annabelle Mackie - 3 months ago