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Our Customer Reviews

The Valentia pizza was delicious! We ordered the family size, perfect for 2 hungry adults and a small toddler. The pizza base was just the right thickness and had a light crunch on the crust. The topping was generous and good amount of cheese. Friendly staff :)

Pizza on Bell - 242 Bell Street

Bei McKinnon - 2 weeks ago

I love the authentic taste of Tom yum soup they’ve cooked; never miss placing the order for a serve of BBQ beef with the sauce whenever I get a chance to. Really enjoy having the spicy fried rice with the chilli and tamarind whole tilapia fish with my family. Won’t deny the fact that this is one of the best Thai food in Melbourne. We’re certainly would recommend this restaurant for those who are craving authentic Thai-style cuisine.

Ummah Thai - 544 Mahoneys Road

Herllyn Sii - a month ago

I go here all the time to get Pizza. Since our house isn't too far away it is a good place to go to.

La Sera Woodfire Pizzeria - 393/395 St Georges Road

Mitchell - 2 weeks ago

Love the food here but sometimes like today the soup In jhol momo was off. Would really recommend to look after the things that can go off before serving. Don’t be shy to throw such off gone soup👎

Bardali Dine - 82 Wheatsheaf Rd

kushal basnet - 3 weeks ago

The efforts he is trying to recover this lockdown is amazing. He was really supportive. I had HSP and was more than mediocre. I would definitely recommend everyone to support the business at this time. It's hard but he is still trying his best. No compromise in the quality. Thank you

Best Turkish Kebab - 348 High St

Man Mohan Joshi - 2 months ago

Food here is phenomenal. I have no pictures because I scoffed $90 worth of food in about 5 minutes. I accidentally ate my daughter's kids burger thinking it was my brisket burger. I went back there as I was thinking I'm missing a children's burger and the lovely staff actually made me a new one! I'm sorry but how on earth did a kids burger taste that amazing!?

Bluestone American BBQ - 470 Sydney Road

Haz L - a month ago