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quote Great prices, great food, friendly service

Lucky Star Kitchen - 207 Treasure Rd

Jarod Gibbs - 6 months ago

quote Just ordered the special fried rice and beef & black bean sauce with spring rolls. The fried rice is average.. it seems they've used cheap rice and a lack of ingredients. It's close to being bland. The black bean sauce just tastes like cheap soy sauce. The beef is okay but it is soaked in this cheap soy sauce... so I can't really taste it. The spring rolls are okay. I've had much better and I've also had much worse. Next time I decide to order Chinese food, it will be somewhere more authentic and traditional.

Parklane Chinese Restaurant - 56 Belvidere St

Bequeath my shuny - 9 months ago

quote Lovely old couple Auntie and Uncle why working so hard. Their fish is nice and crispy. Love their chips so crunchy. First time we came, he gave us another fish. Thank you very much. Would come back there if we craving for fish and chips

Beckenham Fish n Treat - 137 Ladywell St

Agung Challis - in the last week

quote The best kebab shop in Perth. You will not find a better kebab anywhere in Perth. Del is a great owner, great team. Been coming for years to Black Sea Kebab Cafe. The owner and the team are very friendly. Amazing kebabs.

Black Sea Kebab - 1140 Albany Hwy

Milutin Milankovic - a month ago

quote Our favourite Chinese restaurant. My family and I love visiting for dinner. Always leave with full bellies but don’t feel sick from the food. Highly recommend.

Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant - 280 Bannister Rd

Annika L - a year ago

quote Busy little restaurant because the food is good. We love the combination roast duck, roast pork and roast chicken. Yummm

Good One BBQ - 808 Albany Hwy

Ives Jinx - 3 weeks ago
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