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quote Great food, friendly owners and very good service! Best Chinese restaurant in the area!

Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant - 388 Fitzgerald St

Brandon Lee - 2 months ago

quote Had dinner with wife and 2 friends and we were very happy at the quality of the meals. Clean, neat and tidy setting. Highly recommend Guru Italia as it exceeded my expectations. 4.5 stars

Guru Italia Cafe & Pizzeria - 3 Wade Ct

Rick Masher - a month ago

quote Only tried their Cantonese BBQ. Ordered a roast pork and BBQ pork on rice and the sago dessert. Very nice crispy skin on the roast pork!!! Very nice and tender fat! BBQ pork was on the lean side. But the taste was great. I asked for extra sauce for my rice, it was very delicious! This place reminds me of my childhood in HK. Would definitely visit again next time when I come to Perth!

Hong Kong BBQ House - 76 Francis St

我不是 - a month ago

quote very nice cafe, tea time have a cup of coffee so relaxing, not crowded .

Rotana Garden Cafe - 42 Eighth Ave

Panda - 2 weeks ago

quote Foo u7 7⁶⁶Dr gķ

Tra Vinh - 70 Marangaroo Dr

Margaret Olsen - a year ago

quote Best Service, really good prices will go there next time

China Palace Restaurant - 200 Mirrabooka Ave

Kepa Bal - 2 months ago
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