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quote Looks like a really nice family run small business. The ladies here were very helpful and nice. The sandwiches were yummy and the fresh juice was spectacular! Thank you ladies for a healthy lunch!😊

Glendalough Gourmet F & C - 272 Harborne St

Delshad Fitter - 5 months ago

quote Great food, friendly owners and very good service! Best Chinese restaurant in the area!

Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant - 388 Fitzgerald St

Brandon Lee - 2 months ago

quote Great understated Indian restaurant. Good quality tasty food. They forgot to include the rice in a takeaway pickup and delivered it for me within 10 minutes! Great service.

Indian Ocean Cafe N Cuisine - 5 Kilpa Ct

James Bell - 7 months ago

quote Grabbed a pepperoni pizza here today as the line at subway was too long. Very happy with my decision, as it was delicious! Highly recommend.

Pizza Lovers - 4 Jon Sanders Dr

Eugene Nutter - 2 months ago

quote Amazing service and fantastic food. Such a great concept and will definitely be coming back.

The Leaf Indian Restaurant - 663 Newcastle St

Serena DR - a month ago

quote What a surprise! Very clean sterile cafe. Smiling happy staff. A very good selection. Curries a bit on the mild side, but still very very tasty. Charcoal chicken, lamb shanks, rice, kebabs and more. I had beef curry and rice. They do 2 curries a day, vary a bit. I should have asked for some Afghan tea, but I forgot. Reputed to have a distinct flavour due to high altitude, coolness. The beef curry and rice was fantastic . But they gave me too much. I asked for a container, which they provided, took it home and had the remainder for breakfast. Next time I may try a lamb curry if they are doing it on the day I visit, or another curry, or the beef curry again if they are doing that. A system that seems to be working well. Don't get fat now!

Afghani Kebab House - 73 Honeywell Blvd

Rich Holland - a month ago
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