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I live and work in Orange, I would say that the place is great. There's a variety of options to choose from, which is great. The location makes it convenient for people to get quick quality food. However, as a local community, there are a few points to be addressed in the best interest of improvement. Service gets slow especially on working days during lunch hours and sometimes evenings. Most people want to come in quick to get their lunch and go back to work. There are only about 2-3 staff serving. This creates a slower service pace and people have to keep waiting while most have about 30 minutes lunch break. (This affects everyone including those who are not on lunch breaks) On-top of a slower service, Menulog pick-ups keeps interrupting the few serving staff, and people wait even longer. Some staff are very polite especially the male. There's that one female staff who's always very polite and respectful. I think her name is Alex.(If am not mistaken, I have also seen her conducting a new staff interview one day). There is another female staff that is quite rude. (Not sure her name but she's a big girl in appearance). I usually buy a Bowl, but every single day I ever bought it, the prices have always been different. From $12 and a few cents to $14 or $16. Usually staff will mention to you that there's a $2 extra for the crushed ovacado, which is fine. But let there be a consistent price on to which the extra$2 should be put. It feels like, the price is dependent on who you will be served by. This perhaps points at training the staff. Overall, I love this place and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Please consider my feedback for improvement in those areas. Regards.

Zambrero - 172 Summer Street

J J - 3 months ago
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