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quote I ordered the buffet with my 9 year old one. Wonderful taste and service

Bento on George - 68 George St

LIANCHENG LI - 3 months ago

quote Affordable price and no need to wait long to get serve!

Fortune Wok - 160 Elphin Rd

marie vu - 2 months ago

quote Decent fish and chips. The prawns were amazing. All very fresh. The batter, and the chips are not top level in my opinion.

Fraggles Fish and Chips - 297 Invermay Rd

Andrew Taylor - 5 months ago

quote One of the best spots in town! Weather it’s date night or meeting with friends the prickly cactus is one of the best spots I’ve been to in Launceston! Super fast service and meals cooked fresh. I got the sizzling fajitas that was served on a hot plate while popping and crackling! Very impressive. We got their famous “fishbowl” cocktail, we went with the blackcurrant flavour to share. Very pleasant & easy to drink! Got us both a little tipsy during the meal. We’d even manage to save $8 due to ordering during happy hour. Only dislike is that the bottom floor room we were placed in at 6pm was very very hot even with the windows open. Was sweating up a storm! Other then that we will be back next time!

The Prickly Cactus - 72-74 George St

BigWilleWill - 2 months ago

quote What a gem! The food was divine - fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented. The ambiance was cozy yet stylish, perfect for a special dinner. The staff were attentive and friendly, making us feel truly welcome. A fantastic dining experience that I can't wait to repeat!

Yummy Yummy BBQ Hot Pot Noodle - 113 York St

Andy Li - in the last week

quote Oh boy, it was a struggle finding an open Mexican eatery at quarter to four in the afternoon on the Frist Friday after the new year here at Launceston. But I can tell you without hesitation that Zambrero exceeded beyond expectations. The restaurant itself is very spacious and offers ample seating. The place was cooled to a comfy 20s which was perfect on the day we went. Service delivery by the staff was exceptional. Brittany fulfilled my order of Nachos professionally, carrying out my specifications while offering great suggestions of toppings and heating method. She was very personable and quick about things and before I knew it the order was all done and I pretty much scoffed the meal down. The ingredients were crisp and fresh. Loved the crunch of the tortilla chips and tomato salsa. Guacamole was fresh and the melted cheese delectable. One serving wasn't enough as I enjoyed my experience so much so I actually ordered an additional order of the very same bowl of Nachos. This time served by Curtis who was friendly, efficient and professional. Great service delivery and scoffed the second bowl down in minutes. If you want your tex mex craving sated and experience a Subway-level of customisation and ingredient freshness (actually think Zambrero is better) then look to further than Zambrero Launceston. You will not be disappointed.

Zambrero - 222-224 York St

Dany Forde - 5 years ago