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Here you get Amazingly delicious food. Best China cuisine I saw and it becomes My favorite china restaurant. It's a very nice meal and enjoyed every bit of it! Very polite and friendly staff, meals were cooked on time. Was a Great 1st experience. I definitely recommend you to eat.

Foo Hua - 9 Conlan Ave

dinh maitrang - a month ago

Great shop with special bread made for you in your presence and served hot. Fantastic rice dishes, grilled chicken and fish on charcoal grill. Definitely will be coming back again and again

Afghani Kebab House - 73 Honeywell Blvd

Perthumery - 2 months ago

This is a better alternative to MacDonald, which is just across the street. The team at AlBasha are not only creating delicious meals but also friendship. The ambience within the shop is welcoming and so also are the smiles on the faces of the team, you just immediately get soaked in warmth. Then the kebab, it is a taste of heaven. A bite will surely see you going back, I guarantee it.

Al Basha Kebab Cafe - 1 Chesterfield Rd

Oluwaseun BAKARE - 3 months ago

Grabbed 2 chicken kebabs with salad, cheese and egg tonight. Hands down the best kebab i have ever eaten. The bread made in house and packed full of fresh ingredients. Price is very fair. Thankyou. Will be back.

Girraweheen Kebab - 106 Girrawheen Ave

Marcus bombardos Maximus extremely ill cxxt. - 3 weeks ago

owners very friendly Didn't feel like I was being watched like I have at other buffets.. Would be nice if there was option of soup and dessert but overall good quality

Little Dragon Chinese Rest - 639 Beach Rd

Stacy Pepsi - 6 months ago

Tasty and affordable!! The absolute best you can get!! Even during a lockdown, the couple here are ensuring safety, cleanliness, friendliness and flavour with every meal. I absolutely love this place and the service received. Stay safe guys.

Perth Noodle Wok - 639 Beach Rd

Riley Schotte - 5 months ago