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A cafe is an establishment that primarily serves coffee of various types, e.g. espresso, latte, and cappuccino. A cafe may also serve food, such as light snacks, sandwiches, breakfast, muffins, fruit, or pastries.

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quote The best sushi in town! He makes it fresh in front of you and its super great for the price paid.

Arin Sushi & Dumplings - 102a Riccarton Rd

lorissel Penna - 5 months ago

quote Affordable food, good portions, friendly service.

Best Mongolian Food Restaurant - Shop 11, 120 Silverdale Rd

Ben Highlander - 7 months ago

quote Consistently good quality food. Even the moderately priced dishes like fried rice are tasty and plenty of it.

Blossom Court - 135 Queens Rd

Victor Mokaraka - 10 months ago

quote Lunch with friend, extensive menu, menu on front door. Good value. We enjoyed the food. Nicely decorated. Front of house was nice. I will go back.

Desi Dhamaal - 376 Great North Rd

Mel Clark - 6 months ago

quote Great value, cant fault many of their dishes. Great for a quick and if you prefer healthy bite.

Dong Ji BBQ Noodle House - 46 Mount Wellington Hwy

Ryan James - a month ago

quote Last night I ordered takeaway from here, which were the fish with bok choy, and the lamb on hot sizzling plate. The lamb was tasty, good to serve with a bowl of hot rice! Fish was mediocre in terms of taste and texture as it was mainly an abundance of veges with small amounts of fish, but it was good enough. The downside however, are the portions, especially the fish which weren't a ideal when comparing it to the prices (Fish was around $21.50 I believe). The lamb was also a bit lacklustre in terms of portions, but the taste made up for it. I would still love to give this restaurant another few tries in the future. Taste wise, it is sufficient enough as it is. Portions? Maybe a few improvements, hopefully yesterday was just a one time thing.

Dragon Garden Chinese Rest - 384 Riccarton Rd

Jamie Huang - 3 weeks ago