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quote The burgers are my fave! Quality is 👌🏼 compared to others in the area I've had. Sometimes busy but worth the wait. Staff are friendly too. Would recommend.

Fins on Finnegan - 133-139 Finnegan Way

Karel Truong - 3 months ago

quote I ordered through Uber Eats and it ended up getting cancelled because of an Uber Eats App fault, however, Andrew from Finns organised delivery for us and the food was lovely. we would've starved if we depended on Uber Eats. Thanks Finns and Andrew.

Fins on the Junction - 28 Dixon Dr

Wayne Hosier - 3 weeks ago

quote Very tasty best part was they give exactly what I want after I ask for a little bit spicy on my Friedrice they actually made it exactly what I expected. They also have unique ingredients for their food which I haven't taste them before and yet I loved them!

Noodle & Dumpling - - 334 Foxwell Rd

Rakuno - 3 months ago

quote Food was amazing, waiters were very happy and cheerful, you can tell they're really happy working there and the service is great, as long as you're happy to wait a bit on a busy Saturday night, you will love the food. Ordered special fried rice and pork in Peking sauce, highly recommended the pork, waitress were really helpful when deciding our meals and were quick to take care of us despite the rush hour.

Panda Palace Chinese Restaurant - 17 Grice Ave

OLIVIA BURKE - 2 months ago

quote Amazing food!! Really recommend. One of the best Chinese I've tried!

Sizzling Kitchen - 147 - 189 Brisbane Rd

Andres Aronovitz - 4 months ago

quote Went back twice in two days. Beautiful food and great atmosphere.

Sushi Break (Sanctuary Cove) - 7H Masthead Way

Nadine Denny - a month ago
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