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quote very nice cafe, tea time have a cup of coffee so relaxing, not crowded .

Rotana Garden Cafe - 42 Eighth Ave

Panda - 3 weeks ago

quote A lot nicer inside than it looks from the outside. Indian/Nepalese menu. Food was fine. Not one, but two Nepalese beers available!

Everest 53 - 556 Beaufort St

Doug Yorke - 2 weeks ago

quote Great food, friendly owners and very good service! Best Chinese restaurant in the area!

Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant - 388 Fitzgerald St

Brandon Lee - 3 months ago

quote Just ordered the special fried rice and beef & black bean sauce with spring rolls. The fried rice is average.. it seems they've used cheap rice and a lack of ingredients. It's close to being bland. The black bean sauce just tastes like cheap soy sauce. The beef is okay but it is soaked in this cheap soy sauce... so I can't really taste it. The spring rolls are okay. I've had much better and I've also had much worse. Next time I decide to order Chinese food, it will be somewhere more authentic and traditional.

Parklane Chinese Restaurant - 56 Belvidere St

Bequeath my shuny - 9 months ago

quote Grabbed a pepperoni pizza here today as the line at subway was too long. Very happy with my decision, as it was delicious! Highly recommend.

Pizza Lovers - 4 Jon Sanders Dr

Eugene Nutter - 2 months ago

quote We have been going here for many years now - it used to be local to us and we still make the journey even though we don't live close anymore as it's our favourite! Absolutely delicious food, great menu range, and the staff are always lovely! Have never had a bad experience here in all our years, 5 stars

Saffron Indian Restaurant - 907B Beaufort St

H S - 4 weeks ago
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