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quote We wanted to try some different cuisine and found this place. Honestly, I am unfamiliar with Indian Cuisines but this place is great. Portions looked little but were very filling that we didn't even finish it all and had to take away the food. Thoroughly enjoyed everything we had as everything were very flavourful. I'm so glad to have found this place. I am pleased with the nice people, very warm and friendly. The only downside for me was the bathroom upstairs. I am kind of a scaredy cat 😅 and the bathroom was kind of scary looking. Loved everything though, would love to come back to try more 😋

Culinary King - 321 Elizabeth St

Mandy - 10 months ago

quote Delicious Chinese cuisine and the staff were so sweet and lovely. We had some soup to start and shared some mains. You do need rice to go with mains otherwise there isn’t a carb element. Not many vegetarian options only sides. But we eat meat so suited us!

AWU Delicious Food - 252 Macquarie St

Merrilee Christoforou - 9 months ago

quote Vietnamese food is amongst my favourite so when some friends booked here I was very happy to try them. Somehow they seemed to have lost the booking so we had to wait outside (which was a cold night) until a couple of tables were free. Luckily we didn't wait too long. Their menu is more like a large novel. Vietnamese selections, Chinese dishes and then more western style food. There is probably way too many options, maybe they should stick with Vietnamese dishes only. The staff were friendly and I ordered crispy Chicken wings for an entree and a classic beef Pho for the mains with a Tiger beer (cost $45+). We seemed to wait quite a while for the food to come out which came oddly enough mixed between entrees and mains in mixed order. Nevertheless, my food was super delicious and I struggled to finish it off so ended being very good value. This is one place you'd want to certainly book beforehand as it was busy when we were there. And double check your booking just to be on the safe side. But very much worth a visit if you like Vietnamese food.

Saigon Express Restaurant - 335 Elizabeth St

Peter Vrakatselis - 2 weeks ago

quote I love this little cozy place, make me feel like home. The food is okay, ordered duck mushroom, salted prawn, beef coconut and beef cashew. They are little bit salty for my taste. However the service was great, nice and lovely staffs. I did take away. Forgot to take a picture of the coconut beef

Sapa Rose - 77-81 Harrington St

bình lục - 5 months ago

quote Really tasty, decent price. Only let down was the rude uber eats or other delivery meal people, just standing there pushing others out of the way

Bento - 385A Main Rd

Greg Mutton - a month ago

quote This is a very conveniently located restaurant. We were there on a Sunday afternoon in July. It was quiet and cold. The place also felt a bit sad when there is nobody around and the music was blaring loudly, trying to cheer up the space. The service was friendly. The food was ok. We took Bento boxes, ate quickly and left. We may return in summer and when there are people around.

Bento on Elizabeth - 116 Elizabeth St

Can Seng Ooi - a week ago